We’re all being asked to be more eco-friendly these days, as we fight against climate change and that doesn’t change just because Christmas is approaching. So, the idea of a Christmas present that’s fun, stimulating and also biodegradable is one that everyone can get behind. Well, that’s exactly what you...

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If you’re fed up of getting the same tired old presents for your loved ones each year or having to settle for a generic book token, then we have got something you might be interested in. These days it’s easy to forget there are other engaging pastimes available that don’t...

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Puzzles were undoubtedly one of quarantine’s most popular pastimes. In fact, sales of jigsaw puzzles spiked so rapidly in the early spring that companies couldn’t keep up with the demand. If you’ve done one too many traditional puzzles and are looking for a new challenge, then let us introduce you to Robotime’s DIY Miniature...

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