First launched back in 1970, Earth Day is held every year on April 22nd in order to raise awareness and provide support for environmental protection. Each year, over 1 billion people from over 193 different countries join in and what better way to celebrate the occasion than to purchase eco-Friendly model building kits from Mechanicalmodels?

“Why’s that?” we hear you say and we confidently answer that question by saying that the model kits for adults that we source from the biggest manufacturers on the scene are as environmentally friendly as they possibly can be. What’s more, they come in a stunning selection of designs that range from the intriguing to the downright mesmerizing!

Fashioned From a Single Sheet of Plywood
working jeep mechanical model kit
When you look at model building kits for adults like the enigmatic The Grandfather Clock by Wooden City or the delightfully melodic Hurdy Gurdy by Ugears, it’s hard to fathom that they’re made entirely from wood. In fact, they’re all made from a single sheet of plywood that’s expertly engineered to create a living, breathing model.

The wood that’s used to create them is also obtained from responsibly-sourced wood stocks, so their manufacturing does nothing to exacerbate global deforestation. Whether talking about simpler model building kits for beginners or more complex model kits for seniors, you get to put them together knowing they’ve had little to no impact on the environment.

No Glue or Adhesives Required
City Tram with rails - mechanical model by Wooden City
When you think of traditional model making, what’s one of the most environmentally damaging parts of the only kinds of kits that used to be available? That’s right, plastic and glue! Now, we already know that there’s no plastic in the model building kits that we supply, but did you know that they don’t require any glue either?

To the modeler, this is great news because you can kiss goodbye to the awkwardness that comes with super-sticky fingers! It’s also great news because this means that there is literally nothing in these model kits for adults that impacts nature. Each piece of these amazing kits is fashioned so precisely, they just slot together, with no need at all for glue.

The only non-wooden part that comes in these kits is the rubber band that drives their innovative internal engines - and even that comes from the rubber plant. What we’re talking about here are perhaps the most eco-friendly model building kits ever made and they’re super fun to put together and play with - so it’s a win-win!

Spend Earth Day Eco-Modeling With the Family
 Wooden Express with rails - mechanical model by Wooden City
As we can see, these model building kits for adults are incredible and really environmentally friendly, so why not treat yourself or someone else to an eco-modeling experience? You could even get everyone together as a family and put one together to teach your kids what’s possible with planet-friendly engineering!

If you’d like to know more about the full range of models we offer, simply come and visit us today at where you’ll find an amazing selection of products from the likes of Time For Machine, Rokr, Veter and more.

However, if you have any trouble deciding from the huge choice available, just fill out our contact form and we’ll be more than happy to provide some guidance.

That’s it from us this time around. All that’s left to say is whatever you decide to get up to this Earth Day, we hope it’s full of fun, enjoyment and priceless memories.