When thinking of what to get your nearest and dearest this Christmas, you might think that model building kits would be reserved for the kids and the kids alone. However, there have been major advancements in the model-making world in recent years and what we bring you here today are model building kits for adults that offer joy and mental stimulation.

Forget everything you know about traditional model-making, as you won't find any sticky fingers here! These options are as ecologically-friendly as they are fun to construct, so if there's someone you'd like to delight this festive period, why not consider this as an option?

Experience is no issue either, as we offer model building kits for beginners and seasoned modellers alike. So, come with us as we look at just a few of the gifts that are designed to put a broad smile on the recipient. There are some amazing options, as you're about to find out.
ASTRONAUTS LODGE SPACE STATION - metal mechanical model by Metal Time
● The Astronauts Lodge Space Station by Metal Time

The recipient of the Astronauts Lodge Space Station by Metal Time doesn't have to be a fan of space exploration to appreciate it, as it's a sight to behold once complete. Created to look just like the Mir Space Station in low-earth orbit, it's one of those model building kits that's able to inspire an interest in the subject. Realistic in so many ways, it's a great Xmas gift option.
Cafe racer - mechanical model by Wooden City
● The Cafe Racer by Wooden City

Reminiscent of the dangerous yet exciting sport of motorcycle racing in the 1960s, the Cafe Racer embodies the spirit of the day. Motorcycles just like this one used to race from cafe to cafe through the heart of London, risking life and limb to cross the finish line first. This model kit offers a glimpse of those halcyon days as it takes form before your very eyes. Another gift anyone would love to receive at Christmas.

● The Eiffel Tower by Jigzle

While it might be a little more sedate, the Eiffel Tower by Jigzle is no less iconic. As a replica of the famous french landmark, it offers a chance to own a slice of history that you get to put together yourself. While this one falls into the category of model kits for beginners, it's no less satisfying to view when it's complete. A great gifting choice that could lead to an ongoing interest in modelling.

● The Monowheel by Ugears

Last up, we have one of the many model kits for adults in our range that appeal to those with an appreciation for engineering. The Monowheel by Ugears is a wonderful example of what's possible when woodwork meets high-end innovation. Able to cover up to 5 metres on a single wind, it uses its internal engine and a little centrifugal force to achieve poetic motion. Another Xmas gift that won't be forgotten quickly.
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Modelling Innovation For All the Family This Xmas

Whether you're looking for model building kits for seniors or kids, we have something for everyone at MechanicalModels. What we've brought you here today is just a tiny fraction of our entire range, which includes creations from industry giants such as Time for Machine, Ugears, Rokr, Rolife, Metal Time and more.

So, why not come and check out what we have to offer at www.mechanicalmodels.co.uk where you'll see a stunning array of products from the brightest minds in model-making. Alternatively, to speak to us about any questions you might have, just call us on 01926 864282 or fill out our contact form, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.