When was the last time you received a truly amazing gift at Christmas time that was still in one piece and appreciated for several Christmas afterwards? Not many, we'd bet! The truth is that there are some truly incredible metal model kits for adults and children in the Metal Time range that offer countless hours of fun.

Sure, you could get your Dad his usual pair of slippers or your Aunty that Xmas jumper you always buy her, but wouldn't you rather get something that raises a smile of excitement? That's precisely what you get with these stunning mechanical model puzzle kits & there are a lot of options to choose from to suit all skill levels.

The Grande Pianola

There's nothing quite as imposing and grandiose as a grand piano - even when it's in model form as with the Grande Pianola. Featuring the sleek lines of its real-world counterpart, this is one of those mechanical model kits that's able to inspire a love of modelling in people who've never done it before. What better gift for someone you love?

There's something we have yet to tell you about all Metal Time mechanical model kits, and that's the fact that none of them requires the use of glue or any kind of adhesive. Of course, it will help if you have the right expert tools, but the user won't be plagued by sticky fingers - as is the case with traditional plastic models you may have tried before.

The Astronauts' Lodge Space Station

Next, we look at the amazing Astronauts' Lodge Space Station, which is a stunningly intricate and beautiful representation of the real International Space Station (ISS) that currently sits in a low-earth orbit. What’s more, this wonderfully iconic mechanical model kit comes with a rotating stand that gives it a truly realistic 'floating in space’ feel to the viewer.

Model kits for adults don't come much more iconic than this 229-piece space station, and while it might take up to 20 hours to piece together, the result is very much worth the time and effort. Another mesmerisingly beautiful model that anyone would love at Christmas.

The Sailor's Companion Light House

Last but by no means least, we have the Sailor's Companion Lighthouse, which also has a certain iconic style to it. Lighthouses have been keeping sailors safe for centuries, and this delightful mechanical representation is exceptionally realistic - right down to its fully-functioning LED light mechanism. This is model engineering at its finest.

With just 31 parts, this is one of our best model building kits for beginners or relative modelling novices. However, there's every bit as much fun and enjoyment to be had, and once finished, the giftee might even ask for a slightly trickier model for next Christmas!

Give Them Something They'll Never Forget This Xmas!

As we can see, Metal Time mechanical model kits offer a ton of fun that lasts well beyond this Christmas and the next! That's because they're made from the highest quality materials and are designed to last! They really are gifts that keep on giving every time they're viewed or played with by the owner.

To find out more about Metal Time or any of the huge range of models we stock from the biggest names like Time For Machine, Rokr, Rolife or Wooden City, visit us online today at www.mechanicalmodels.co.uk. Alternatively, if you need advice or guidance on making the perfect purchase, we're happy to help. Simply call us on 01926 864282 or enter your details into our contact form, and we’ll reply without delay.