As usual, the months are rocketing by and Easter is already just around the corner. That usually means gorging ourselves on calorie-rich chocolate over the period. However, if your family doesn’t have a sweet tooth or is trying to live a healthier lifestyle, you should instead consider one of the many puzzles for adults  we have on offer at Mechanical Models.


Most Easter Sunday afternoons are spent asleep on the sofa, largely because of the sheer amount of sugary treats that get consumed. However, when spending a few hours putting together one of our stunning 3D puzzles for adults , all the person who’s been gifted it will get is lots of mental stimulation and fun!


Stunning Examples of Engineering Excellence


We stock some of the most incredible model creations you’re likely to find online and anyone receiving one this Easter isn’t likely to forget in a hurry. Created from the highest quality materials, their designs are something to behold.


Let’s take a look at a few of the models available in our range…

 Kinetic picture

Kinetic Picture by Wooden City - this amazing little creation is one of the most popular 3D jigsaw puzzles for adults  we offer and one that provides a ‘live picture’ once completed. It truly is a sight to see when its internal mechanism is whizzing round - something that’s even more incredible when you realise it’s completely made from plywood!

 Mysterious Timer 2 - metal mechanical model by Time For Machine

Mysterious Timer 2 by Time for Machine - next we look at a delightful option that anyone would love to receive at Easter. This one of our stainless steel puzzles for adults  and one that can actually tell the time! Running for up to an hour on a single wind of its internal clockwork engine, it’s great to play with and adore from afar.

 Sam's Study room - DIY dollhouse scale model diorama kit by Rolife

Sam’s Study Room by Rolife - or what about a change of pace with this beautiful and very realistic representation of a modern, urban apartment? This is where modelling and interior design meet, with the results likely to put a smile on the face of everyone in the room. An attractive Easter gift indeed.

Marble Squad by Rokr - the last of our puzzle kits for adults  is one that perhaps belongs in the executive toy category, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have broad appeal. Anyone who’s ever enjoyed a classic game of Mousetrap will simply love putting together and playing with this creation all Easter-long!


A Gift Alternative That’s Better For the Waistline!


So, rather than go out and buy a bucketload of Easter eggs and associated confectionery this year, why not do your relatives a favour and try something that’s ultimately better for their waistlines? We offer 3D puzzles for adults , but also many that can be constructed by children, so everyone can enjoy them, regardless of age.


To see the full range of what we offer in its full glory, you should visit us today online at There you’ll find some truly jaw-dropping models, with the only difficulty being choosing between the many available!


Alternatively, if you have some questions you’d like answering before making your purchase, simply enter your details into our contact form and we’ll do our very best to reply as quickly as we can.