With things being tight for everyone these days, people are being more considerate with how they spend their money. So, if this is something that is impacting your sales, you need ways in which to differentiate yourself from your competitors. A great way to do that is by including Ugears mechanical model kits in your store’s range.
Roadster - build your own moving model by UGears
These captivating model building kits are not only eye-catching but also offer an amazing amount of fun into the bargain. Able to move under their own steam, these incredible creations have an undeniable appeal that your customers won’t be able to resist. Forget everything you know about traditional modelling, though, as these are something else entirely!

No Glue, No Fuss, Just Fun!

Traditional plastic models are fiddly and often result in sticky fingers and mess. Not so when piecing together Ugears model building kits for adults. Why? Well, because they require no glue to put together at all, so, it’s impossible to get sticky fingers. There are no screws or nails either, as we’re talking about laser-cut pieces that simply slot together.
Ugears mechanical models wholesale
In fact, these mechanical model puzzle kits are amongst the most eco-friendly products you’ll find anywhere on the market. Created using responsibly sourced FSC-approved timber and very little else, and zero plastics, they appear to the environmentally-conscious customer who cares about the impact the products they buy have on nature.

Models That People Talk About

There’s nothing quite like word of mouth to create a buzz around your products, and Ugears model building kits tick all the right boxes in this regard. When you see examples like the Steam Locomotive or the Tower Windmill, you see that these are models that people will want to talk about with their friends on social media.
Every time a customer puts one of these models together and then posts about it on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok or Instagram, they’re spreading the word for you. This allows the beautiful designs and stunning engineering examples to be seen by hundreds, if not thousands of new people. It only takes a small percentage of these new people to boost your sales significantly.

Add Some Crowd-Pleasers to Your Inventory Today

So, if you’d like to add some of this crowd-pleasing brilliance to your inventory, opening a wholesale account couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is give our wholesale department a call on 01926 864 282, and a friendly team member will be more than happy to take you through the process and answer any questions you might have.

Alternatively, if you’d like to see our full range of mechanical model kits from big names like Time For Machine, Wooden City and MadClockmaker, visit us online today at www.mechanicalmodels.co.uk. There you’ll see in full colour, just what makes these products so appealing to your public.

That’s it from us this time. Be sure to check back again with us soon for more from the exciting world of three-dimensional mechanical modelling.