How best to show your man you love him this Valentine's day? Well, at Mechanical Models, we know from experience that the most thoughtful presents that give him something to do often represent the best choices. So, with February 14th almost upon us, why not consider one of the many mechanical model kits for adults we have in stock?
Racer V3 by Veter Models mechanical model kit
What we have to state before we start listing the many great options is that these models are a world away from what you might already know about model-making. These hobby gifts for him are beautifully engineered mechanical gifts that are revolutionising the pastime, so you won't see a sticky finger or tube of glue anywhere!

There Are Some INCREDIBLE Creations Available

In our range, you'll find so many great choices. From model building kits for beginners to more challenging and advanced options for seasoned modellers, you'll find something that appeals to him. To give you a better idea of what we're talking about, let's take a look at some of the best sellers we have for you to choose from.

The U-9 Grand Prix Car by Ugears
U-9 Grand Prix Car - build your own moving model by UGears
Our first of our best-selling hobby gifts for him is the U-9 Grand Prix car from Ugears, and it's one that represents a vehicle from the early days of Le Mans in the late 1940s. Offering incredible detail, a fully working wooden 16-valve V8 engine that actually drives the car for several metres on a single wind, this is a model that he'll love piecing together.

In fact, this model is so realistic and appealing to petrolheads that it got rave reviews in Top Gear Magazine a few years back!

The Pendulum Clock by Robotime
Pendulum Clock - mechanical model by ROKR
The next of our man-friendly model building kits is the Pendulum Clock from Robotime which offers an absorbing model-making experience. As you can see by following the link, this is a simply stunningly-designed model that is able to move in poetic motion under its own power. If your man loves his watches, he'll certainly love this gorgeous timepiece.

Again, after it's completed, the Pendulum clock makes an amazing home decoration that can be enjoyed for many Valentine's Days to come.

The Speedfighter From Veter

The last of our best-selling model kits for adults is the Speedfighter from Veter, which is a great-looking aeroplane that's based on the iconic Spitfire that ruled the skies during the Second World War. Complete with visible engine pistons and functioning flaps and a propellor, this is a truly wonderful model to enjoy both before and after it's completed.

Like many of the models in our range, it's one that requires no glue or tools to put together - just patience and time. Another amazing gift most men will love.

Surprise Him With Something Different This Year

There are many ways for you to show him how much you love him this Valentine's Day. Although, with all this fun and enjoyment on offer, why not consider surprising him with one of these amazing model building kits for beginners AND seasoned model fans? These have only been three of our top sellers, and there are dozens more from a range of top manufacturers.

To find out more about these increasingly popular hobby gifts for him, visit us today at There you'll discover some of the most amazing models that have ever been created by huge names from the industry, such as Time for Machine, Ugears, Rolife, Metal and much, much more.

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