While it might still be warm and sunny outside, retailers have to have half an eye on Christmas, so they can plan ahead and maximise sales. It's the biggest time of the year for retail, so it's important to stock up on products that are going to sell well. In this article, we show you some exceptional model building kits that fit the bill.

At MechanicalModels.co.uk, we offer a range of truly stunning model kits for adults, kids, seniors and more. It won't be long until everyone's minds move away from their Summer holidays to the coming Yuletide season, so it's a good idea to start planning right now. So, let's take a look at some of the delights we have in store for your customers.

Model Kits for Adults & Kids From the Biggest Brands

When we say we stock the biggest and best model building kits around, we mean it. From wooden to metal model kits for adults & kids, we've got something that appeals to everyone, as model building has evolved much in recent years.
This 3D puzzle car is made with premium quality, highly durable wood and plastic,
● Veter - Offering some super cool options like the V3 Racer and the Speedfighter, these model kits for adults are crafted from high-grade plywood and plastic. With their own internal wind-up engine, Veter models can move under their own steam and look super realistic!

● Jigzle - At the easier end of the scale, we have Jigzle 3D puzzles for adults & kids, with the Stretching Cat and Angel Fish. These sturdy yet amazingly simple model building kits for adults are created from stiffened paper, are fun to put together and make a great gift for Christmas!
● TimeForMachine - There is perhaps no more impressive range of metal model kits for adults than those offered by TimeForMachine. Complex yet stunning once complete, items like the Dazzling Steamliner and the Royal Voyager have to be seen to be truly appreciated.
Ferris wheels are a marvel of engineering
Wooden City - Next up, we have Wooden City, another amazing manufacturer responsible for wonderful creations like the Pendulum and the Ferris Wheel. Made entirely from responsibly-sourced plywood, their designs are embodied with elegance.
The most fashionable and detailed DIY miniature handmade houses in the world.
Rolife - A change of pace now, as we bring you doll house kits from Rolife. Featuring realistic dioramas like Kathy’s Greenhouse and Party Time, they represent the quieter side of life with impressive attention to detail in every square inch of each model.

Metal Time - Another top brand of metal model kits for adults & kids is Metal Time, who've created some truly eye-catching model options. The Lost At Sea Ocean Ship and the Astronauts’ Lodge Space Station are two fine examples of engineering excellence.
Rokr - Last up on our list of top brands is Rokr, a manufacturer that offers a range of beautifully-crafted wooden model building kits like the Perpetual Calendar and the Vitascope - a model that actually plays video! Both are incredibly popular with customers.

None of the model kits mentioned above requires any kind of glue or adhesives to piece together, meaning a much neater modelling experience. Everyone single one, however, is a testament to the designers that created them.

Boost Your Xmas Sales With Models Everyone Loves

As we can see, these model kits are a league above traditional options that most people think of when model-making is discussed. However, as you'll see when you stock them in your retail store, they tend to fly off the shelves very quickly, so you should be sure to get your hands on some before they sell out.

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