With the cost-of-living crisis hitting hard, retailers need to enhance their product lines to get ahead. Are you stocking our best-selling model building kits?

Are you currently looking for products that will draw in customers? Does your current product line lack something bold and impressive that really catches the eye? If so, then we're glad you're reading this article, as it contains a range of model building kits for adults and kids that have to be seen first-hand to be truly believed.

The amazing puzzle kits for adults range we offer represents something of an evolution in the modelling world. Three-dimensional, requiring no glue or adhesives of any kind and featuring some of the most captivating designs you'll see on the market, these are products that will have customers lining up to buy from you. Want to know more? Then read on!

A Wide Selection of Incredible Model Kits For Adults

Ok, so first of all, forget what you know about regular models. These include mechanical model kits for adults that move under their own power and incredibly realistic dioramas that transport you to another time and place. Let's see what we have waiting for us amongst our best-selling model building kits, shall we?

● The U-9 Grand Prix Car by Ugears - the first of our model kits for adults that will bring in those all-important customers is the U-9 Grand Prix Car by Ugears. Embodying the spirit of man in a sport that demands everything, this amazing product not only looks like a 1950s Grand Prix Car, but it also drives like one, thanks to its innovative internal clockwork motor that propels for several meters on a single wind.
The Pendulum by Wooden City - our next crowd-pleaser comes in the form of the Pendulum by Wooden City. As impressive as it is aesthetically pleasing, this is one of the best model kits for adults you'll find in terms of satisfaction. Not only serving as a truly stunning wall ornament, this marvel of workmanship can also measure time on its own - belying the fact that it's created from a single sheet of plywood.
Kathy's green house - DIY Dollhouse scale model diorama kit by Rolife
Kathy's Greenhouse by Rolife - a slight change of direction now as we look at the wonderful Kathy's Greenhouse by Rolife. This is one of our many popular doll house kits that deliver an incredibly detailed depiction of a working greenhouse. With working lights, pots, nick-nacks, and books to install, customers get to see that doll's houses are no longer the sole preserve of children!
Heavenly Hercules - metal mechanical model by Time For Machine
The Heavenly Hercules by Time for Machine - last, but by no means least, on our list is the Heavenly Hercules by Time for Machine. This supreme model kit is one that will appeal to many, with its awe-inspiring design taking the customer to the world of the iconic Hercules transport plane. With its own stand and an internal mechanical engine that drives the propellors, this is one of our most popular.

Boost Your Sales With Our Popular Products

Those customers you’re looking to attract aren’t going to visit you online if you don't offer something worth seeing. Our mechanical model kits offer that spark that makes people take the decision to buy from you, as they’re like nothing else on the market. Getting your hands on some of these great products is easier than you might think, too.

All you need to do is call our wholesale team on 01926 864 282, where our advisors are waiting to help hook you up with a trade account. Alternatively, to see more examples of what we call an evolution in model-making, visit us online today at www.mechanicalmodels.co.uk, where you’ll see products from the biggest and best manufacturers in the world.