During the current lockdown it’s pretty difficult to keep your mind occupied, as we’re being forced to spend unprecedented amounts of time indoors. What usually keeps our minds active are days at work and hours in the classroom, but sadly, this is not available to many of us right now. Interestingly though, the key to keeping your mind active and sharp during isolation lies in a traditional pastime with a modern twist.

london bus building kit

What’s not in doubt is that 3D wooden mechanical models are fantastically fun and engaging for anyone putting them together, but it’s the positive side effects that occur within the brain during the process that make all the difference. So, exactly how do mechanical wooden models keep the brain sharp? Read on to find out.

Frontal Lobe Stimulation

The reason why 3D mechanical model making is so helpful in exercising the mind is that it involves problem solving, which occurs in the brain’s frontal lobe. The frontal lobe is also responsible for cognitive function, planning, organizing and motor function, which means that the more you use it, the more you exercise this important part of the brain.

The frontal lobe is also responsible for emotions and many personality aspects, so if you spend a good amount of time stimulating it, it will help you keep your thought processes sharp. 3D mechanical models can take several hours to put together, which means lots of mental exercise!

Stunning, Stimulating Models

Steam train building kit
Our expert model designers have created a stunning range of stimulating 3D mechanical wooden models that you can use to keep your mind active for hours. Created from responsibly sourced plywood and able to be constructed using absolutely no glue or any type of adhesive whatsoever, our models represent one of the most eco-friendly models you’ll find on the market.

racing car model kit

Our 3D mechanical models are also able to move on their own too - hence the name. Even though they’re entirely made of wood, our models feature working gears, pistons and rubber-band-powered engines. The result is a range of absolutely stimulating models that are as fun to play with after they’re complete as they are to construct.

Get Some Mental Stimulation in Isolation Now!

So, if you’d like to get some much-needed mental stimulation during lockdown with a hugely-entertaining and mind-boosting mechanical model, then you should head over and visit us online at www.mechanicalmodels.co.uk There you’ll find a range that’s packed with both challenging and stimulating products to help you sharpen your mind.

Thanks for reading our blog. We hope our products help make lockdown that little bit more bearable. Until next time!