We’re all being asked to be more eco-friendly these days, as we fight against climate change and that doesn’t change just because Christmas is approaching. So, the idea of a Christmas present that’s fun, stimulating and also biodegradable is one that everyone can get behind. Well, that’s exactly what you get with our amazing 3D Wooden models.

Not only are these skilfully-created mechanical wooden models great fun to put together, but as their name would suggest, they’re also mechanical, which means they can move under their own power. Now, before you think “well, that’s going to need batteries - which aren’t eco-friendly”, we’re here to tell you that all that’s needed for motion is a humble elastic band. Everything else is natural.

Created from Fully Biodegradable FSC Certified Birchwood

When we say that our hugely popular wooden mechanical models are eco-friendly, we aren’t basing that just on the fact that they’re made from wood and not other toxic materials like plastic. Every single wooden model in our range is created with fully biodegradable FSC-certified Birchwood.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international non-profit body that’s on a mission to promote responsible forestry. So, when you choose one of our wooden mechanical models over standard plastic model varieties, you are very much doing your bit for the planet!

Mentally Stimulating - Visually Stunning

The green credentials of our models is a great quality to have, but they also stand up in their own right as the most stimulating and visually stunning 3D models you’ll find anywhere. When you look at wooden models like the Mystery Box and the Grandfather Clock, it’s easy to forget that they start off life as a single sheet of plywood.

What’s more, they’re so precisely engineered using a high-powered laser cutter, that all the pieces slot together snugly without the need for glue, screws or nails. Aside from a bit of patience and some space, all you need to complete one of our models is time. They’ve been created with all types of modeller in mind, from the beginner to the seasoned pro.

What this means is that within our extensive selection, you can find a suitable model for gifting to anyone this year, regardless of their age. Our thought-provoking models are ideal for young minds, as well as older crafters looking for a challenge. They’re wooden models with true broad appeal.

Give Them a Gift They’ll Really Remember This Year

So, if you would like a festive gift for a loved one this year that will really make its mark and put a smile on their face on Christmas morning, why not try one of our 3D wooden models? You can find more about our entire range by visiting us online today at www.mechanicalmodels.co.uk, where you’ll also see details of our other equally-stimulating mechanical model ranges.

If you find that you simply can’t choose between the many available or you need some guidance on which is the best choice, you can get all the advice you need by calling our friendly team on 0192 686 4282 today. They’re ready and waiting to help in any way they can.