If you’re looking to draw in customers and planning for the Christmas in July Season, there is perhaps no better way to do that than by stocking the stunning range of mechanical model kits created by the innovative manufacturer that is Veter. Offering broad appeal due to their ease of construction and aesthetically pleasing, classic designs, Veter model kits for adults are popular wherever they’re sold.

Wholesale Chopper-V1 by Veter Models

More and more customers are looking for authentic, wholesome pastimes that don’t involve digital devices and Veter mechanical model puzzle kits allow vendors to tap into this growing trend. Offering much more of a hands-on, mess-free, three-dimensional experience than traditional plastic models, these products are sure to give a boost to your store’s bottom line.

So, what else about them makes them so popular?

Simple, Step by Step Instruction

Veter Models mechanical puzzles

Well, firstly, these mechanical model kits are able to be constructed by people of all ages and no prior modelling experience is required to piece them together. Coming with simple, step by step DIY assembly instructions, these amazing kits also require no glue to complete, so you’ll get none of those annoying sticky fingers many associate with the hobby.

Models That Are Built to Last

Veter Models mechanical puzzles

Another great selling point of Veter models is their durability. Being manufactured with robust, premium quality materials, they’re built to last, meaning your customers will get to enjoy playing with and admiring their self-made mechanical models for years after completion - providing a constant reminder of the wise decision they made in buying from you.

Products With Real Working Engines

If you’re looking for a key factor that makes these mechanical model kits for adults such a good seller, then the fact they can move under their own power is one of the most compelling. In every sense, these products are mechanical and the satisfaction that comes with completing a sophisticated model like the Speedster V2 or the SpeedFighter is something that your customers will want to shout about on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Each of the models manufactured by Veter feature an innovative clockwork engine that drives them forward in poetic motion and unlike static models that are just for show, these models come to life, captivating the user and helping to develop a longstanding appreciation for both engineering and modelling.

Interested In Veter Mechanical Model Kits For Your Store?

            SpeedFighter by Veter Models

So, if you’re interested in harnessing the undoubted pulling power that Veter models have for your store, we’d love to hear from you. You can learn more about these and the complete range of cutting-edge mechanical model kits for adults that we wholesale for vendors around the world, by simply visiting us online at www.mechanicalmodels.co.uk today. (Veter Models full range  https://mechanicalmodels.co.uk/collections/veter-models)

Alternatively, if you would like to talk to us about opening a wholesale account, you can do so by calling us on 01926 864282 or by emailing at hello@mechanicalmodels.co.uk. Our friendly advisors are on hand to answer any questions you might have and make the whole process as easy as possible.