If you’re scouring the internet this year looking for gifts that offer the magic that only Christmas can bring, you should take a look at Ferris Wheel wooden mechanical model from Wooden City. This incredibly delicate, yet mesmerising wooden model is certain to delight anyone whole receives it this Yuletide season.

You may not be a seasoned model-maker, but that doesn’t mean that you aren’t capable of constructing an enchanting wooden model like this one, as it’s ideal for people of different experience levels. So, let’s take a closer look at the Ferris Wheel to see its majesty in greater detail.

A Wooden Model Offering All the Fun of the Fair!

Anyone who’s ever been to the fair will know just how much fun can be had on a Ferris wheel and this popular 3D wooden mechanical model offers all of the same thrills and spills - if on a much smaller scale! What can’t be denied though is the realism that this majestic wooden provides both as a model and as a decoration for the home or office.

In addition to being a fully functioning ‘Big Wheel’, this enigmatic wooden model creation also provides a secret compartment that’s ideal for keeping your valuables away from prying eyes. Perhaps the most incredible aspect of this 3D wooden puzzle though is that it’s made entirely of responsibly-sourced birch plywood and requires no glue to be pieced together.

A Living, Breathing 3D Wooden Mechanical Model

Whilst constructing the Ferris Wheel is a magical experience in itself as you see it slowly take shape before your eyes, the completed model is something else altogether. Once it’s been given just a few turns of its wind-up mechanism, this life-like wooden model springs into life in mesmerising fashion, with all the cabins moving as if you were really there!

This movement is thanks to the innovative and skilfully created wooden mechanism that drives the Ferris wheel around. There’s no batteries involved or wires either, as all that’s needed is a simple yet clever rubber band motor at the heart of the wooden model. It’s testament to the Wooden City innovators that have made this possible using only natural materials.

The Ferris Wheel is a Christmas Project for the Whole Family

This is a 3D wooden mechanical model that has the power to get everyone around the table, wanting to get involved. Far from being a solitary pastime, the Ferris wheel makes modelling building a family affair and what better way to get everyone together and making never-forgotten memories than this? It’s certainly not difficult to see why this is one of our more popular wooden models.

If you’d like to know more about the Ferris Wheel or any of the other stunning wooden models from the Wooden City range, we recommend taking a look at our website www.mechanicalmodels.co.uk. There is a wide choice, so if you have any trouble deciding between them, you can give our team a call on 0192 686 4282 and they’ll be delighted to help you discover the perfect model for your needs.