We’re all feeling the effects of prolonged isolation right now, with some of us still being prevented from leaving our homes. The impact on the mind is perhaps felt most keenly, with the day-to-day challenges of life at work and school having been taken away from us.

However, there are things you can be occupying yourself with - such as 3D mechanical wooden puzzles and models reducing your boredom levels, while at the same time helping to keep your mind sharp. There are many studies that have been conducted that prove that keeping your mind stimulated in this way can really help your memory, your motivation and your mood.

Memory and Cognitive Function

It can be very easy to settle into hours of watching TV and playing computer games, however, while these pastimes do occupy you, they don’t stimulate the mind and get your synapses firing. Putting together a real-world three dimensional puzzle that you can feel in your hands stimulates important areas of the brain that deal with memory and cognitive function.

If you use these areas of the brain on a regular basis, it is known to improve memory levels and cognitive function - exactly the parts of the brain that start to become jaded when boredom really sets in. And when you consider that many of us are having to cope with unprecedented amounts of spare time, a non-digital form of entertainment is extremely important.

3D Mechanical Models Engage the Mind

The 3D mechanical wooden models that we create have been designed to stimulate the mind throughout both the construction phase and long after. That’s because they feature intricate designs that require patient consideration to put together and internal moving mechanisms that are jaw-droppingly beautiful to view when seen working once complete.

A lot of time and thought has gone into the creation of our mechanical models, with designs inspired by many of the greatest machines ever made included in our range. What’s more, each model is created almost entirely from responsibly-sourced plywood, requires no adhesives, glue or screws to put together and many can actually move under their own power.


Try One for Yourself & Stimulate Your Brain

So, if you’re sitting at home and you’re in need of some mental stimulation, why not try one of our models for yourself? We have a stunning range of 3D mechanical puzzles and models for you to try, with all ages and skill levels catered for.

If you’d like to see our full range, please visit us online mechanicalmodels.co.uk  where you’ll find models and puzzles that can be enjoyed by novices and seasoned modellers alike. 

Thanks for reading. We will be back soon and until then, we wish you a happy, boredom-free time of it. Until next time!