So Father’s Day is rolling around again and it’s time for Dad’s, Step Dads and Grandads around the country to be shown how much their nearest and dearest love them. Buying a gift that truly shows this is sometimes hard to do, as many of the options available are a bit...cliched and perhaps a little boring?

If this sounds familiar, why not come and see the hobby gifts for Dad we have available from Time for Machine (TFM)? The hobby gifts for him that we have at are not like anything you’ve seen before, particularly in the world of modelling.

Heavenly Hercules - metal mechanical model by Time For Machine

We’re talking about TFM models that are not only hugely enjoyable to piece together, but also fun to play with afterwards, as they’re able to move under their own power and with a single AA battery in sight! Interested? Then read on!

Real, Working Internal Mechanics!

Glorious Cabrio 2 - metal mechanical model by Time For Machine

Forget everything you know about traditional plastic models of aeroplanes and tanks that look nice, but don’t do an awful lot. These hobby gifts for Dad are not only robust enough to be played with for hours afterwards, but they feature real working inner mechanics and you get to put every single component in place yourself - so Dad will get to boast all year that he made a glorious creation like the Dazzling Steamliner!

Dazzling Steamliner - metal mechanical model by Time For Machine

Looking simply majestic once completed, this 1:6 scale model of an aerodynamic and sleek locomotive gets its power from the internal spring mechanism. While the engine is working, it’s possible to watch it in all of its fluid motion, with the gear-wheel and flywheel whizzing round at a rate of knotts. This is just one example from an incredible range of mentally stimulating options open to you for Father’s Day.

No Glue, No Nails, Just Fun!

The fantastic hobby gifts for Dad available in the TFM range represent perhaps the cleanest and mess-free modelling experience you’re ever likely to have. That means no adhesives or sticky fingers, as each precision manufactured polished stainless steel piece slots into place and you get everything you need to finish it, right there in the box.
     Hot Tractor - metal mechanical model by Time For Machine
Inside the box of your chosen Time for Machine model, you get all the necessary pieces, as well as a set of pliers, a file (for smoothing rough edges), cotton gloves, a polishing cloth and full colour instructions. So, you’ve got no worries about Dad opening up his gift to find that he hasn’t got everything to recreate the picture on the box!

Hobby Gifts for Dad That He’ll Remember Forever!

Royal Voyager - metal mechanical model by Time For Machine

Dads all around the world get gifts each year on Father’s Day and many of them get forgotten quite soon. However, when you’re talking about hobby gifts for Dads from Time For Machine, they represent a keepsake that they will treasure forever, with the finished creation likely taking pride of place on the living room mantlepiece or on his desk at work.

Like the sound of a gift like this? Well, you can find some amazing TFM hobby gifts for him by visiting us online at We know that there’s a lot to choose from, with options to suit all age and skill levels, so if you have any trouble deciding on which is the right one for your needs or you’d like some advice, simply fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.

Whichever TFM hobby gift you choose, we’re certain you’ll see their eyes light up when they open it up! Now, that’s a Father’s Day difference!