Typically speaking, if you’re someone looking to get started on a modelling hobby, the beginner models you’ll encounter on the market will be quite simplistic and not as rewarding to construct as they might be. However, when you try a fabulous 3D mechanical wooden model to start your hobby, you’ll get to construct some pretty impressive designs and get the rewarding feeling that comes with completing them.

Let’s a have look at just a few of the beginner models we have in store for you right now.


The first wooden model on our list is the Tractor which is able to move under the power of its own rubber band engine and the amazing thing - if you’re new to mechanical models - is that it’s completely made from high-grade plywood. No plastics, are included with this or any of our 3D mechanical wooden models and the finished product is absolutely something you’ll want to show to your friends and family.

V8 Engine

Perhaps even more impressive than the Tractor is the V8 engine that replicates a cylinder engine, whilst again being almost entirely fashioned from wood. By rotating the base, you can cause the intricate cogs and wheels to move in perfect harmony. This one is a particularly easy to model to put together, however, it’s no less impressive to look at afterwards.

Perpetual Calendar 

Last on our list, but by no means least is a 3D wooden mechanical model with a thespian twist - the Perpetual Calendar kit. This beautifully complex, but surprisingly simple-to-construct wooden model will keep you entertained for hours and whilst you’re doing so, you’ll know that no damage was caused to the environment to create it - as every piece is made from responsibly sourced plywood.

No Adhesives Required

The fact that every 3D mechanical wooden model is able to move unaided and is entirely made from wood is impressive enough, however, when you realise that there’s no glue, nails, screws or tacks required to piece these beautiful creations together, it soon becomes apparent just how much engineering skill has gone into designing them. Every model is precisely laser-cut from plywood meaning that they just slot together.

Want to Get Started?

London bus model kit

If you’re a novice wanting to get started on your first 3D mechanical wooden model then we encourage you to look through our beginner range in its entirety. Whilst you’re there, you can browse through our full range so that you can see exactly how impressive and complex modelling can be, even when only natural materials are used.

Thanks for reading our blog. We’ll be back with more from the home of 3D mechanical wooden models, so make sure you check with us soon.