Mechanical puzzles are incredibly popular choices of gifts for people to give to their friends and loved ones. You can choose to give automobiles, clock towers, jewellery boxes, and so on – the range is vast! How do you decide which ones to purchase for them?

Pointers to keep in mind when choosing games – take a look:

Skill level

Often puzzles will have a star rating or some indication of the difficulty of the puzzle or game. If the recipient has not done many of that sort of puzzle before, better off starting them on an easier level. However, they don't necessarily have to be experts at puzzles to do the hardest level - they may be naturally brilliant with the smarts to start off with a challenging one right away.

Age of Recipient

This criterion for choosing a game is rather self-explanatory and is similar to skill level. Make sure the game is age-appropriate. If it is too kid-like for a teen they are unlikely to play such an "uncool" game; and conversely, if you gift a game or puzzle that is beyond reach due to their age, they might give up on it and may even be hesitant to revisit it later.

Number of players

Do you wish to buy a family gift, something the teenager can occupy himself with, or a game suitable for a party? Mechanical puzzles are a great family gift. They are ideal for small groups of all ages and are a great pastime, as you can be engrossed in the activity while still enjoying stimulating conversation. They can work great for solo players too as they bring out the inner creativity and are apt for those who are systematic by nature.

Size and number of pieces

What was meant to be a fun present can easily turn into a nightmare if the puzzle is too big or the instructions to a game are just too confusing. If you wish to present complicated puzzle or game to a younger audience, consider having an older child or adult work alongside the recipient, helping them understand the rules (showing is often far superior to explaining), or tackling the tiny pieces.

Gear showing number 1Gear showing number 2Gear showing number 3

3D mechanical puzzles  fulfill all the requirements as mentioned above and then some. They make amazing gifts and we guarantee your efforts in choosing such a great present will surely be appreciated.