Christmas is a time for family, good food and enjoying the company of others, however, the festive period isn’t exciting the whole time and despite what might be on TV, there can be quite a bit of boredom involved too. Well, we’re here to tell you that there is an antidote to Christmas boredom and it comes in the form of a genuinely unique wooden model building pastime.

What we’re describing here is a range of highly stimulating mechanical wooden models that not only move, but can even move under their own power! Great, but it’s just a normal 3D model with a battery inside isn’t it? Well, no, it’s not, as they contain innovative wooden engines that require nothing more than a rubber band to achieve motion.

A Range of Iconic Designs For Model Makers of All Ages

The selection of wooden mechanical models we offer is as varied as it is stunning, with designs that include some of the most iconic engineering creations from the last 100 years. You could choose the inimitable Roadster mechanical model if you’re into cars or the Biplane if aviation is more your thing.

In fact, there’s something for people of all ages to try, with the Ferris Wheel [and the Kinetic Picture just a couple of examples of what we mean. The fact that all of these wooden models are just that - created entirely from wood - is easy to forget, as each piece of each completed model achieves poetic and harmonious motion.

100% Recyclable & Kind to the Environment

Another great aspect about our 3D mechanical wooden models is that they’re 100% recyclable and require no messy adhesives to put together. With no plastics involved either, it means that our wooden mechanical models are about as eco-friendly as they come and you don’t get that unwanted mess that usually accompanies traditional model-making activity.

Even the manufacturing process is environmentally sound, as each piece is created from ethically-sourced, fully biodegradable FSC™ certified birchwood. The lack of need for glue is due to the fact that a high-tech laser-cutting process is used to create wooden model pieces so precisely that they simply slot together like a 3D jigsaw.

Wooden Models to Suit Every Taste and Ability Level

So, regardless of whether you’re a seasoned model-maker or a complete novice, if you’re looking for a way to stop the boredom from creeping in this Christmas, why not consider something different and more rewarding than watching reruns on the TV? Of course, some of our wooden mechanical models are more challenging than others, but there really is an option for everyone.

If you’d like to know more about the wide range of innovative wooden models available, simply visit us online at where you’ll find everything you could possibly need. Alternatively, if you need any help finding your ideal product, give our friendly team a call on 01926 864282 today and they’ll be delighted to assist in any way they can.

Thanks for reading our blog. We hope that doing so results in a much more interesting and less boring time this Yuletide. That’s it from us for this time. We’ll be back again soon with more from the home of eco-friendly model-making fun.