If you’re like so many other people around the world right now and you’re struggling to know what to do with all the hours you’re spending indoors, we’ve got something to show you. After you’ve seen everything on Netflix and you’ve done as much housework as you can stomach, a 3d mechanical wooden model can be just what you need.

Here we look at the Locomotive which offers both an insight into the wonderful world of steam locomotion and a challenging, but enjoyable introduction into the modelling-building sphere. So, let’s now look at what’s amazing about this and indeed, all the 3D mechanical wooden models in our range.

 Locomotive mechanical model kit

The Locomotive

Designed to accurately represent a 19th Century steam locomotive, this stunning mechanical model features truly hypnotising spinning gears, wheels and pistons that are fully visible when it’s in motion. Providing a magical glimpse into what life was like during the height of the industrial revolution, our model designers have paid attention to every little detail.

From the lever which operates the engine in the driver’s cabin to the retractable ladder by the door, there’s so much to engage the mind with this model - and that’s on top of actually putting the model together. Our 3D mechanical wooden models are able to move under their own power and the locomotive is no different - with as much as 5 metres covered on a single wind of the conveniently-placed turn key.


Ecologically Sound Modelling

When you take a close-up look at the Locomotive, it’s staggering to think that it’s almost entirely made up of individual pieces of plywood and nothing else. Despite being able to produce poetic movement, it requires no batteries, no glue, no nails...in fact, all it needs is a healthy dose of patience to complete.

In terms of its environmental impact, something more and more people are seeing the importance of, there’s literally nothing it does to damage the planet. Unlike traditional plastic models which are created from non-sustainable crude oil, they do nothing to harm the place we all call home. Another welcome side-effect is that it’s a very neat and tidy hobby, with no sticky fingers!


Why Not Try One for Yourself?

So, if you find yourself lost for what to do and you’re in need of a bit of creative inspiration during isolation, why not try out the modelling experience for yourself. Believe us when we say that it’s a modelling experience like no other.

 If you’d like to know more about the Locomotive or any of the 3D mechanical models in our range, head over to our website and take a look around. There you’ll find a huge range of choices for all skill levels and ages.

 We are open for business and are sending out orders as usual, so there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t experience what many see as an evolution in model-making.

Thanks for taking the time out to read our blog. Until next time, stay home, stay safe and with a little help from us, stay occupied!