Finding the perfect gift for anyone at Christmas can be difficult, especially right now when all the non-essential shops are closed. However, the good news is that if you have someone in your life who’s a petrol head, we have just the thing and it’s a gift that they will get to enjoy again and again. The gift we’re talking about comes from a range of stunning metal mechanical models.

The intended recipient doesn’t necessarily have to be a petrol head to enjoy a model from Time for Machine, as they appeal to any who likes a stimulating challenge or appreciates the beauty that exists in engineering. But if they do love cars, we’ve got some amazing mechanical model vehicles for them to try that offer a highly rewarding pastime, regardless of model-building experience.

Let’s have a look at a few of them now.

The Glorious Cabrio 2 - Poetry In Motion

First we look at the Glorious Cabrio 2 metal mechanical which offers a reminiscent look at motoring from yesteryear. Featuring 110 expertly engineered stainless steel pieces, it’s a model that like so many others in our range, is able to move under its own power. Once complete, simply twist the wind up mechanism on the front and watch it go!

With a trunk and front hood that can be opened to see the cogs and gears moving in perfect harmony, it represents both a great talking piece and a rich source of enjoyment for vehicle-loving model makers everywhere.

The Royal Voyager - 70s Style and Sophistication

Moving to another classic period of automobiles, we look at the sleek and sophisticated Royal Voyager metal model that harks back to the 70s - the era of big cars and big engines. It’s a wonderfully eye-catching sedan design that’s created from 123 stainless steel parts that come to life as the model is pieced together.

This fantastic metal mechanical model can be enjoyed as a challenging hobby, as well as an incredibly delicate and thought-provoking decoration for any home or office.

The Silver Bullet - Bringing the Golden Age of Racing to Life

Finally, we look at the Silver Bullet that’s based on the blood and thunder racing cars from the 1920s. With none of the high-tech assistance that racing car drivers get in the modern day, you had to be pretty fearless to drive one of these things in real life. This metal model brings that all to life for the owner and offers a glimpse of this magical age.

Again, it moves under its own speed, thanks to its wind up mechanical engine, making it a model that you can play with for hours after it’s finished!

A Gift to Put a Big Smile On the Face of a Loved One

So, instead of opting for a pair of novelty slippers or a festive jumper that they may never wear, why not get them something unexpected that will put a big smile on their face this year? Time for Machine metal mechanical models come complete with all tools needed and require no glue to construct, so it’s one of the least messy model building experiences you’ll get anywhere.

To see what we mean, visit our website where you’ll find our entire range of stunning mechanical models for your enjoyment. That said, if you have any problems identifying the perfect model for your needs, you can get in touch with our friendly team by emailing us at

As soon as we receive your message, we’ll endeavour to get back to you as quick as we possibly can. Thanks for reading. We’ll be back with more from the home of stimulating model-making again soon.