When you’re stuck indoors for hours on end with your close family, stress can be a really big factor and right now, there are families all around the world in that very situation. What’s colloquially known as ‘Cabin Fever’ can set in pretty quickly when you’re not allowed to get out, which makes stress a real problem for everyone.

The good news is that there are things you can do to beat stress in isolation and one of them comes in the form of 3D mechanical wooden puzzle and model building. Model-building and puzzling are very relaxing pastimes that have been proven to reduce stress and instil a sense of calm.

A Family Pastime

One of the great things about the 3D wooden mechanical models and puzzles created by our designers is that they can be enjoyed by pretty much anyone, regardless of age or skill level. This means that putting together one of our mechanical creations is something that can be enjoyed by parents and
children alike.Depending on your family dynamic, our puzzles and models can be enjoyed as a group activity, just as easily as they can individually. Each model comes with a full colour instruction manual, providing hours of fun for whoever is piecing them together.

Analogue, Stimulating Fun

The stunningly creative wooden puzzles and models in our range have been designed to be eco-friendly and incredibly stimulating. They also provide some much-needed non-digital entertainment for adults and children alike requiring no glue, nails, screws or tools to put together. The fun doesn’t stop when you finish our models and puzzles either, as they are designed to be played with once complete. The mechanical gears, cogs and pistons inside are both visually striking and fun to play with and our products are robust enough to be played with for years without fear of them falling apart like traditional plastic models.

Poetic Motion

Another aspect of our products that sets them apart from others on the market is that they can move under their own power. Whether talking about the Clock that has a beautiful clockwork mechanism or the Grand Prix car that can move several metres on a single wind, our creations really do have an added dimension that can help the stress melt away.

Come Take a Closer Look

So, if you’re in need of some stress-relieving activities during isolation, why not consider trying one of our 3D mechanical models or puzzles? We have a huge range to choose from, which you can see by visiting us online at mechanicalmodels.co.uk Once you’ve seen just how beautiful and intricate our products are, you’ll
understand why they’re so good for stress-busting.

By Dmitriy Borodkin


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