If you’re fed up of getting the same tired old presents for your loved ones each year or having to settle for a generic book token, then we have got something you might be interested in. These days it’s easy to forget there are other engaging pastimes available that don’t involve a screen. However, it becomes really apparent when you look at the Mysterious Timer 2 metal mechanical model.

Unlike other traditional models that are either static or simply for decoration, this is a metal mechanical model that’s not only stunning once it’s complete, but it also mooooves!! The Mysterious Timer 2 is a shining example of engineering excellence and you get to put it together with your own two hands!

A Beautiful Mechanical Clockwork Timepiece

As you construct this wonderful metal model, you get a close-up view of the magic of engineering, with each stainless steel piece having a very specific purpose. The end result is a fully-working mechanical model of a clockwork timepiece that after being wound up, will run for an entire hour. At the 60 minute point, an alarm will sound.

Its open design lets you see all of the Mysterious Timer’s many gears and cogs whirring around in perfect harmony, which can be quite mesmerising. It’s such a beautiful thing to see on display that it’s as much of a talking piece as it is a timepiece.

Stimulating Fun for All of the Family

Christmas is most certainly a time for family, which is why getting everyone away from their screens is something that should be encouraged. 3D mechanical metal models like this one offer analogue fun in a digitally-dominated world and putting one together as a family is a great way to get everyone around at a table and engaged with each other.

Compare this to other cliched types of present that you buy for the people in your life that whilst nice to receive are almost instantly forgotten. A gift like the Mysterious Timer 2 is one that will keep giving over and over again. Every time the recipient winds it up and watches it whirr around, they get another moment of wonder. Now that’s a proper gift!

Put a Smile On Your Loved Ones Face This Christmas

So, if you are struggling to come up with an imaginative present that will really leave a lasting impression in your loved ones’ minds, you should consider giving them the living, breathing example of chronographic brilliance that is the Mysterious Timer 2. There is perhaps no more enigmatic and thought-provoking present you could give someone this Christmas. The smile on their face will tell you everything you need to know.

If you would like to learn more about the Mysterious Timer metal model or about any of the captivating models available, come and take a look at www.mechanicalmodels.co.uk. You might just be surprised about what’s possible when engineering skill meets model-making. Alternatively, if you would like any questions answering before you buy, give our friendly experts a call on 01926 864282 and they’ll tell you what you need to know.